Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Home Made Toothpaste Review

Salam Peace!

Its been quite a while now that my children and I have been making our own toothpaste, about 7 months or so. I just wanted to share our experience with using it so far.

Firstly we are still using it and haven't even been tempted to go and buy toothpaste which is great. I wanted to be able to do something which I can be consistent with and a positive lifestyle change for the better so I'm really pleased.

We have experimented with different oils in our coconut oil and bicarbonate of soda mixture. We use a ratio of about 2 teaspoons of coconut to one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda then we add peppermint oil. My son likes some drops of orange oil in his which gives it a bit of natural sweetness and my daughter and I have tried using eucalyptus oil and clove oil. I really liked the eucalyptus but be careful to add just a few drops at a time with any of the oils because it may seem very weak at the first try but let overnight it can really pack a punch. If you happen to mix too much in don't despair, you can just add some more of the coconut oil bicarbonate of soda mixture to dull it down.

My favourite oils to add at the moment are the clove oil, mainly because I have wisdom teeth coming through and it really does sooth them. Alhamdolillah.

Since we started making our own toothpaste a close friend of mine has also started doing it which is great :)

We also managed to find some small glass jars to put our toothpaste in instead of the plastic ones we were using. We personalised each of them with our own designs and then I engraved them.

My daughter and I keep our toothpaste in the bathroom window which is usually quite cool so it prevents the mixture becoming too runny. now that its winter it can be a bit firm but as yet it hasn't been too hard to use. My son usually keeps his on top of the cupboard which is next to the heater so he often found it to be a bit runny and would then put it in the fridge.

SO that's our toothpaste adventure so far and its going great and we've just started our 'juicing adventure' so inshaAllah I will share some of our favourite recipes with you. 

Masalama! Bye!