Saturday, 27 September 2014

Book Review- Toby Glass and The Terracotta Army

This is the first fictional story of this length that I have read in quite some time. Apart from reading stories to my children before bed I don't usually get time to read fictional books.
I bought the book for two reasons; one, I know the author he is a teacher in the school my son used to go to and the second reason is I wanted to encourage my son to read for himself a book aimed at boys.

I bought the book on Amazon and once it came in the post I was so curious as to what it was about I just wanted to read it myself so I decided to read it to both children before bed.
At first my daughter was adamant that she didn't even want to hear it as it was a book for boys. In contrast my son was really excited. At the start of the book they were both anxious to get into the story and felt it dragged a little. I felt that it was necessary for the author to introduce each character as to get a good understanding of their backgrounds and interests.
I found it intriguing as I could smell an adventure coming and after chapter four the children and I were hooked and the more I read to them the more they wanted to hear. We were all excited about Toby's trip to China and what it would entail.
I would limit the reading to about two of three chapters a night so we were always on a cliff-hanger as the story grew with intensity.
We liked the mix of cultures that were represented in the book; the main character Toby is English while his new friends that he meets in China are Lei- a Chinese boy and Ali from Iraq. These three new friends go on a journey that exercises all of their knowledge, courage and puts their new found friendship to the test. Their adventure means they have to trust each other with their lives. I was really impressed with their level of maturity and respect for others. The book has a very strong emphasis on moral code and Toby is always very conscious of doing the right thing.

I really enjoyed reading this book as it had me on an emotional roller coaster feeling scared to read it at times not knowing what to expect but thrilled at the different twists and turns in the journey. My favourite part of the story was basically their whole time underground. I don't want to spoil any of it so I won’t go into detail but it definitely is a must read for all those who love adventure stories girls as well as boys. We can’t wait for a sequel. :)

Here is the link to my daughters review on the book:

If you know any good adventure stories please list them below, with any relevant links.

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