Monday, 11 August 2014

Bedroom Cupboard Makeover

Salam! Peace!

I am pretty much always busy. During the time that I was doing the makeover for my kids room I also found a really nice old bedroom cupboard which was just screaming make me over! Of course I couldn't resist so I bought that alongside the little desk I had found in the second had shop for my son.

Here is what it looked liked:

I made my own custom wallpaper to decorate it. I made a design on some lino and cut it then used it to print on somerset paper with black acrylic paint.

I then finished off the design by hand painting with red and gold. I tore the paper instead of cutting it because this particular paper looks beautiful with a torn edge, it also glued better. After tearing the paper to fit the cupboard doors and drawers I glued the paper on and finished the top with a coat of pva glue.

And here is the final result:

I bought these door knobs on eBay. They give such a nice finish :)

:) I just love it :)