Thursday, 20 March 2014

Homemade Toothpaste

I am more and more trying to put in to practice whatever I learn about eating healthy and living naturally. Alhamdolillah I have always been active and enjoy working out but I want to eat more fruits and vegetables and learn about the food process as a whole so that my children will also grow to learn and appreciate real and natural food. Last year in Ramadan we started drinking raw milk and I even managed to make my own butter, much easier than you would think actually.

So yesterday my son and I decided that we would make our own toothpaste, just as our regular toothpaste ran out. I already had an idea of the ingredients that I wanted to use from the research that I have been doing on natural ingredients for teeth care; coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda and peppermint essential oil. The only ingredient I didn't have was the peppermint essential oil so I went around the chemists in the west end of Newcastle looking for some but no joy. I was still determined to make it so I found some mint water in the local halal shop and decided to give it a try. That was a big fail. It smelt really minty but had like zero mint taste, at least no where near enough to make a nice minty flavoured toothpaste.

So I have ordered some peppermint oil online but I will have to wait for that to come in the post before I can add it to the toothpaste. So for now we are just using the bicarbonate of soda mixed with the coconut oil. I used a heaped tablespoon of each, the coconut oil was firm so that's how I managed to use a heaped spoon of it.

It has a great consistency similar to regular toothpaste. I cant wait to put the peppermint oil in though. Its bearable, not totally disgusting but has a salty kind of taste due to the bicarbonate of soda. Overall its great because its natural ingredients, easy to use and really does make my teeth feel so amazing clean.

I spooned a small about for each family member into a cup to use and am keeping covered with cling film. so easy to use, just take some out with the toothbrush and brush the teeth. Voila!

Once I get the peppermint oil I will post an update on the difference it makes inshaAllah.

Masalama! Bye!