Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My 'Bring a Hadith Tea Party'

Yesterday on Tuesday 10 December I had my monthly 'Bring a Hadith Tea Party'. It was actually my third one as I started having them in September but I missed October because the time coincided with Eid. I have them once a month on the second Tuesday at 1-3pm. I bake cakes and invite sisters of all backgrounds and ages to come for tea, all they have to bring with them is a hadith from Sahih Muslim.

Its not a study circle or anything, the idea is just for sisters to be able to get together socially and meet new sisters they havent met before or catch up with those they know but haven't seen for a while. By each sister bringing a hadith to share means that we can start and hopefully end our meeting with meaningful conversation for the sake of Allah.

Here are some pictures of the cakes and pastries that I made yesterday:

I made Blueberry lemon bread, Strawberry sponge cake, Carrot cake, Summer berry and white chocolate cake, Date cake, Mince and spinach mini quiches and white fish and vegetable quiche. Between now and the next tea party I will be posting the recipes for each inshaAllah.

Stay tuned