Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ramadan Day 8 Blueberry Breakfast Cake

Today I found a recipe for Blueberry breakfast cake so I just had to make it. I didn't have any blueberries so I substituted them with raspberries and a few strawberries which I smashed up a bit (they were frozen when I smashed them). I also mixed a teaspoon of cinnamon with the sugar for the topping.



The children each made their own batches of cookies with, smarties, M&Ms, nuts and chocolate chunks. The recipe is from the click here for the recipe: M&Ms Cookie recipe


I started reading Surah Al-Araf today. I always enjoy reading it, definitely one of my favourite surahs.
And We will have removed whatever is within their breasts of resentment, [while] flowing beneath them are rivers. And they will say, "Praise to Allah , who has guided us to this; and we would never have been guided if Allah had not guided us. Certainly the messengers of our Lord had come with the truth." And they will be called, "This is Paradise, which you have been made to inherit for what you used to do." Surah Al-Araf:43