Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ramadan Day 14 Lemon Blueberry Bread Bears Yummmmy!!!

I first made lemon blueberry bread last Ramadan and it was just so delicious. Went down a treat with a cup of fruit smoothie at iftaar time. I had been wanting to make it since the start of Ramadan like I also wanted to make harira (Moroccan soup) but I hadn't come across any fresh blueberries. Alhamdolillah I did today and so I made the cute little bears that are almost too adorable to eat. But eat them I did and did they go down a treat or what! MashaAllah. :-)
Food is a blessing in so many ways SubhanAllah.
I love Ramadan as it really is an eye opener in a lot of ways. It makes you appreciate a whole lot more:
Food- that we shouldn't waste it or over eat. If you put on weight during this month something is very wrong. Having said that we don't fast in order to lose weight, but the self control that it teaches us as humans makes us aware of how much we are capable of. A little bit of food goes a very long way. Let's try to keep up this practice throughout the year.
Time- how little of it there is and how precious. If we make the most of our time in a positive way how much more will we be able to achieve? We do a lot of extra worship during Ramadan that we don't do the rest of the year at such and intense level. So surely if we just implement one thing to keep up for the rest or the year from our ibaadah (worship) our lives will improve inshaAllah and we will be better Muslims making us better people.
Family- this also includes all you nearest and dearest whether related or not. I see so many people in Ramadan that I love deeply and I may not see them the rest of the year. These people inspire me as a muslimah and really help lift my spirit. They make me feel connected to something so much bigger than just me and my back yard. I also love to be with my children at this time more than any other time because they are always with me but especially Ramadan we focus together on our spiritual growth. As a revert Muslim it reminds me of the Muslim family that Allah blessed me with being the head of. Alhamdolillah :)
Anyways never mind my rambling on here's the recipe for the bread:
And here are the pictures I took of my cute lemon blueberry bread bears: