Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Printing on Glass Jars and Lids

These are some photos that I have taken over the past few days during printmaking. The main purpose or focus of my printing has been printing on glass jars which I am going to sell at an up and coming local craft fair inshaAllah. The jars are great for a multitude of purpose storage or are great as lanterns, just place a tea light candle inside and the effects from the printed glass and the light are wonderful. Once I get a decent picture of the effects I will post it up inshaAllah :) A special thank to my cousin Danielle who put the photos together for me with her tech savvy skills :) Love you lots cuz <3

Blue ink prints
On Sunday I printed in blue and two different shades of purple, I had intended to do red aswell but decided to leave that for another day, seeing as I ran out of jars because I broke two of them.

Red prints
I mixed green and a light coral pinky type of colour with an army green ,leafy colour, I really like the combination of green and pink or green and purple.